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TKD KickKarate for Kids:

Training is designed to be fun and fulfilling for each student.

Karate for Kids will help your child develop essential skills that they can apply to all areas of life. ATA Karate for Kids is a specialized program created exclusively for children ages 5-12.

This is because taekwondo is an individual activity rather than a team sport. Each student is an active and valuable participant in their class.  Students work out with kids their own age and size, under well-supervised conditions, and progress at their own pace.  The foundation of the martial arts ATA curriculum is the ongoing ATA review and development of life-skills such as positive mental attitude, high goal-setting, perseverance, self-control and confidence.  Through personal growth and achievement, students advance with a martial arts belt rank but are also acknowledged for outstanding performance in martial arts class, school, home, special events, or in tournament competition.

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Adult Kick TKDAdult Martial Arts:

Great for busy adults looking to get in shape and relieve stress.

Learning to defend yourself is just one of the great benefits of martial arts training. Aside from the great bonding experience that comes with training in a team environment, the mental benefits are a great solution to the daily pressures that jobs, school & family life often cause. Whether you're interested in physical fitness, self-defense, or even just an athletic social outlet, our school is a safe and positive environment. We provide a fun, activity-driven atmosphere where those with common interests can join together in physically rewarding and mentally challenging activities.

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Krav MagaKrav Maga:

Get a complete body workout while learning to defend yourself!

Krav Maga, is the official self-defense and fighting system used by the Israel Defense Forces, Israeli Police, military, anti-terrorism units, and numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. Krav Maga is a highly evolved system of combat. Developed and continually enhanced during years of conflict, Krav Maga emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in real life confrontations.

Students learn to defend themselves against hostile actions, to avoid injury, and to quickly overcome their assailant. Krav Maga defenses address a variety of aggressive acts, such as punches, chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, grabs, as well as defenses against multiple assailants and assailants armed with a firearm, edged weapon, or blunt object. Techniques used in Krav Maga are based on instinctive movements and utilize gross motor skills.

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Kick BoxingKickboxing:

Feel better, look better, live better.

Feel better, look better and live better with our kickboxing program. Based on many of the same movements from our traditional martial arts program, our classes combine strength training and cardio exercises that are done in a group fitness setting allowing you to celebrate your wins with your training partners. Each day features a different workout designed to keep your challenged, and focused on your fitness goals!

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